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to vote for governor romney? caller: i would prepared to vote libertarian, but i suppose romney. i cannot vote for the man in the white house right now. i have to vote for the less of a two =. you worry about the sky is falling, it is the falling for over 50 years. and as the hundred year storm will happen again 150 years from now. and all you environmentalists, doesn't oil come from mother earth? it doesn't natural-gas? host: we got to the point. on twitter, a 100 year storm. global warming is a cyclical play to extract money out of the people of the earth. new jersey, on our line for independents. you are on. caller: go ahead. -- good morning. we do need to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. we just can't afford to do it anymore. host: what are you expecting, if gasoline prices go up, some are saying in the news this morning, what impact would that have on you? caller: it wouldn't really have an impact on me. but these cars and oil burning equipment. they should be made more efficient. you cannot use the technology that you are using 100 years ago. and have oral burning equipment --
to vote for who do you think will win and clearly governor romney has made progress both in favorable and unfavorable rating and in who do you any is going to win? the more people think the president is going to win, but depnding which pl you look at the gap narrowed dramatically, you must have that be relatively narrow in order to win and that is a sign of momentum and it takes a lot of pressure off the campaign in boston. >> rose: these things have come out of these kinds of polls, number one, who do you think will make the best leader, governor romney, had you been 2, who do you think will handle the economy better? governor romney. number 3, who do you think cares more about you? >> president obama. >> right. >> rose: must be 4 who is better in foreign policy? >> president obama. >> rose: right. >> what would you add to that? those are the basic kind of -- >> well there is a different variations of cares about pele, o undetands the middle class. i thought all along, governor romney on those questions, those character and trade questions, governor romney needed to do three thing
areas, you could certainly have a case where romney wins the popular vote by one point and obama wins ohio and iowa by one point that is possible, maybe a one or two-point shift but there is almost no way to look at the history of this country or try to do the more complex things, the mathematical models unlikely to have romney win the popular and have him lose the electorial college. >> rose: the sites and sounds of hurricane sandy, mark halperin and nate silver when we continue. funding for charlie rose was provided by the following. additional funding provided by these funders. and by bloomberg, a provider of multimedia news and information services worldwide. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> hurricane sandy barreled through the northeast last night, the devastating impact was wide-ranging, cities and towns were hammered by the storm that left many without power and other vital resources. here are some of the sights and sound of the storm as scene on cbs this morning. we knew this was going to be a very dangerou
years ago, the mechanics of our turnout are such our people are going to vote, the romney campaign looks at the electorate and says, no we are going to so dominate other groups, white voters, married voters, that we are going to win this election and it may not in the end -- >> rose: does that mean obama is basing his reelection on the new america? and romney is basing his election on the old america in the same way that during -- former secretary of defense rumsfeld once said there was a new europe and old europe. >> demographically, certainly you can kind of in bold strokes talk about it that way but a president would like an old american votes and romney would like a lott of new american votes. but in the main they are relying on their support for different groups, and the republicans are right that the president has a tougher task in the sense that his big groups are lower propensity voters, they are just less likely to vote left to their own devices. the to get those people to vote and they already demonstrated that with some of the early voting. but you can't, i don't think you ca
romney votes in his home state of massachusetts on tuesday. what will be interesting to watch, this is the first of three events how he sort of strikes the right tone given the fact that there will be that split screen today of governor romney here campaigning. the president alongside one of romney's top surrogates, chris christie as you noted in new jersey today. a campaign adviser tells me they will strike a positive tone. this will not be a contract message today. they will, again, remind their supporters of the need to support the red cross and those people in the northeast. it's a delicate balance once again for the governor. >> peter alexander traveling with romney. it looks like the campaign is getting start add a little bit today, probably more forceful when everybody is back on the trail including the president tomorrow. peter, thank you very much. coming up next, we're going live to place that is have been hit hardest by sandy, the jersey shore where the coastline is literally reshaped this morning. the neighborhood of breezy point in queens are where the first water
defense. from the democrats, romney can't find the votes for the battleground states, so he's throwing wild passes where he can't win. the new polls out today suggest the democrats are right, this is a distraction, not a reality. also, that romney jeep advertisement we told you about yesterday was so dishonest, so misleading that chrysler and gm executives themselves are pushing back. people expect politicians to trim the truth a bit, but it's possible that mitt romney has just a crossed a line that not even the most uninformed voters will accept, that jeep is moving to china. and look who's back, joe isuzu, speaking of dishonest, this time campaigning, kind of, for mitt romney. >> i'm joe isuzu. guys, vote for mitt romney and you'll get a free binder full of women, you have my word on it! >> in case you missed that, it's a spoof, sort of, and it's in the side show. joe isuzu is back. finally, let me finish with the best way to fight people who play racial politics -- get out there and vote. this is "hardball," the place for politics. when was the laste something made your jaw drop? ca
decided last week that i said it's probably going to be a six point vote or more in favor of romney. probably above 300 elector yil votes. this number tonight would fit that kind of a sweep because i think republicans will vote more on election day that. begins to tell me could be 54, 46 maybe by the time you get to election day. >> we did printout what you said last week in case i needed it. i'll see after election day how close you are. in terms of the storm does that do anything, i think steve hays refered to something like statture gap that he was losing his statture gap. now, this will make him appear more presidential and the opportunity. i don't mean to demean the president or the storm or light of the loss but just the hard reality is that election day is tuesday. >> i think the storm is so big, damage so wide spread and intense, that you know, president is going to, he's hopefully doing his job, what he should be doing. on the other hand the storm is going to dampen some of his turn out of his supporter who's are less enthusiastic. so i think it's kind of a wash. if somethi
us a look at early voting. polls showing governor romney leading president obama 52% to 45% among voter who's already cast their ballots. newt gingrich joins us, good evening, sir. your thoughts on the gallup poll of early voters? >> if it's accurate it's devastating for obama. obama played a tremendous amount of effort into building a ground game. they're confident they can turn the vote out early. they talked about it with a sense of achievement. if this is correct, it's a remarkable result. republicans have been saying during all of the snap shots well, don't worry about early voting because republican voters tend to be older, they love to vote on election day. all of a sudden these numbers i'm surprised and i frankly thought i would not have been surprised to see it reversed and see it obama, 52, romney, 45. so this is a shocking number. but it fits something that you may have seen late last week. gallup took all of this september questions, 19,000 people pretty big universe. looking at all of them together as one group. and said the surprise is that this electorate looks more
is going to get the lion's share of that vote. >> they are 75%, so mr. romney has the lowest support since its gerald ford. i think mr. romney made a strategic decision to go after the hispanic vote. the republican platform reflects that. tavis: how would you situate the issue of immigration reform? >> i think it is more of a proxy for how people feel they are being disrespected by the rest of the country, and they brought immigration to the fore, not so much that is the issue, but it feels like it is being used, and people reacted to it. tavis: ferris is a bifurcation of the attitudes -- there is a bifurcation of the attitudes. there are a lot of hispanics who are disappointed of him not having done more in his first term, particularly in the forum that mr. romney showed up separately and mr. obama showed up separately. you promise. a promise is a promise. what do you make of that sentiment? he did not -- there are people who feel he did not push enough on immigration. >> we have to understand the country comes first. 2009 was a full-fledged economic collapse. to implement immigration ref
into this or not. gallup ran a poll that says those who already voted, romney is ahead 42 -- i beg your pardon. 52-45. the whole obama strategy, as i understood it, was to get their voters out, then proclaim it and advertise it so they get a tidal wave. gallup says it's romney's early voters who are winning. is that possible? is it accurate? do you buy it? >> i don't know if it's totally accurate from what we're hearing on the ground. that's been the case in colorado. it's been the case in florida. what we are seeing in all the states is that the margin of lead that the democrats traditionally have, number one, is much, much less. for example, ohio is like 13% less in terms of a democratic advantage. but the other thing i'm seeing in terms of the intensity going up in our voters, who have still not voted on the republican side, a sign that the democrats are cannibalizing their easy voters. they're highly likely voters to get out to the polls to play this game of who's winning the early vote. >> so who's left in the tank? if they're getting them out early, as you say cannibalizing, who's left in th
at this, likely independent voters siding with mitt romney at 51%. could the independent vote be a key for mitt romney to gain ohio? >> well, the independent votes are important to both camps, thomas. but i believe that the independents will swing the president's way. this is a choice election. a choice between a president who has been working very hard over the last four years to steady this economy or for a governor that will lie to try to get the presidency. i think independent voters understand what their choice is and that choice is president barack obama. >> ohio state senator nina turner. as always, lovely to see you. thanks for your time. >> you too, thomas. >>> six days to go and america's big decision is coming our way pretty quickly. a big question, though, looming, is pennsylvania in play. the keystone state. both the campaigns are blanketing the state with ads in an effort to grab its 20 electoral votes. many political experts say if mitt romney can flip ohio, the keystone state could be next. >> by the way, i like coal. people in the coal industry feel like it's getting c
cain by 15 points in early voting, in 2012 it's romney that's now running ahead by an impress impressiven points. 52% of the ballots have been cast in romney's favor. it's an eight point swing, by the way, in only four weeks. with all of those numbers in mind it's not surprising that the bi-partisan battleground model predicts romney as the winner in tuesday's election. will these numbers prove to be true? here to continue our debate is fox news political analyst. she's having a panicack, juan williams, and from the five, dana puert dana perino is. it's just aut a momentum. i got a feeling in 2008, you could just tell it wasn't going to go senator mccain's way. >> i think there's a lot of truth to that. there's a mood difference in 2008. republicans for good reason thought they weren't going to win that election. everything was going against them. in 2012 there's a much different feeling across the country. if you look at the crowds that romney and ryan were able to gather this past weekend, actually republicans believe they can win this time. i think it will probably be a little bit clos
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this in any election, and that's the god's truth. i could have lied to you and said i will vote for romney, but i do not know if i am, and i am a republican. >> state pensions and health care are among the biggest contributors to u.s. deficits. americans agree that government spending has to be cut, but the question is -- how? the focal point senior center is just around the corner from coral k. it offers services to the elderly. for example, on this monday, they can receive health advice from an expert. and then, they can join in the fund and bowl with a wii game console. members of the center pay annual dues of just $5. the rest of the center's funds comes from donations and public money. many here are concerned about the future. this man says romney does not understand the need. >> he wants to take away too much because he thinks they are all too lazy. may be some are, but there's a lot of people out there that need the assistance. i do not trust the man. he could be a very nice person as an individual, but as far as the government, no. >> opinion polls in florida are as close as the bo
is on the side of governor mitt romney. according to the latest gallup survey his lead is at 5 points, 51 to 46%. in addition, gallup it reporting that romney is outpacing his opponent in a big way when it comes to early voting. unlike in 2008 when obama led senator john mccain by 15 points in early voting, in 2012 it's romney that's now running ahead by an impress impressiven points. 52% of the ballots have been cast in romney's favor. it's an eight point swing, by the way, in only four weeks. with all of those numbers in mind it's not surprising that the bi-partisan battleground model predicts romney as the winner in tuesday's election. will these numbers prove to be true? here to continue our debate is fox news political analyst. she's having a panic attack, juan williams, and from the five, dana puert dana perino is. it's just aut a momentum. i got a feeling in 2008, you could just tell it wasn't going to go senator mccain's way. >> i think there's a lot of truth to that. there's a mood difference in 2008. republicans for good reason thought they weren't going to win that election. everyth
are nice about it and give romney 50% of the vote, how can he be so close to the polls? guest: well, each poll is different. referencing real clear politics, a web site that pretty good as far as trying to bring polls together, there's a question as to how accurate it is these days with one third of households not having a home phone anymore. but you charitable trust did a study recently that indicated 9% of people that they're reaching out to are actually responding. -- the pew charitable trust. in antrim, whether it's from the campaigns or the different parties, if you stayed home tonight, you would get on average five to 10 phone calls. it gets to the point where you shut off the ringer and don't even turn on your answering machine, because you could be on the phone all night with pollsters. lsters after this election will look at what went wrong and what went right, after this. it is science and they are very talented people. a lot of times they are very accurate. i will say that, it you are for one candidate or another, there is your own emotions that play into this sometimes, if so
deeply divided and lived there for 7% of america that will not vote for mitt romney. there's 47% of americans that will not vote for president obama. he didn't stop the beauty kept going and defined that 47% in a way that was a sort of, it was a serious gap. as i said earlier it caused a big drop in poll numbers around the country or republicans went up and down the ballot. so that was a problem. and by the way, i think i was the mode, the 47% video, when republican immerse started going down. there's one guy in particular who never fully recovered and that's center scott brown of massachusetts i think we're certain to get the feeling that mid-september when the victim that was sort of the last moment in which he was tied with democrat elizabeth warren. now most republicans in massachusetts and in d.c. think that brown is probably not coming back next year. >> host: i want to go back to the "washington times," reid wilson, and again changes they said to watch out for in the coming six days. expanding the map is one that they have. mindful that the republican nominee has fewer pa
, romney return full blown campaigning after hurricane sandy. >> make sure that you go vote early. if you have a dollar extra, send it to the red cross for our friends in harm's way. i love you and i appreciate it. together we'll win. >> the latest fox polls nationally show dead even tie at 46% each. romney lead with independents is at 7 points down from 12 at the beginning of the month. with little hope of images to rival the president touring the disaster zone with chris christie today, romney introduced by the popular former governor jeb bush and marco rubio and resumed the rally rhetoric. >> i believe this is the year for us to take a different course. i will bring real change and real reform. >> in florida, the latest quinnipiac poll gives the president a one-point neng the margin of error. the real clear politics average of recent polls have romney up over a point. in virginia, quinnipiac has the president up two and in a virtual tie. but real clear politics average there shows romney up half a point. in ohio, the challenge remains. quinnipiac shows five-point lead. and the real cle
we are now seeing a push by the romney campaign, minnesota, which has 10 electoral votes, pennsylvania, which has been blue in the last three presidential elections, 20 electoral votes there. what is the strategy here? let's bring a man who knows because he has been there. ed rollins former deputy chief of staff to president reagan. also managed a campaign for mr. reagan's re-election in 1984. he has had major roles in nine other presidential campaigns and a fox news contributor. >> good morning. happy halloween. bill: we almost forget it is halloween, right? so much else going on but not for the kids of course. so interesting to note, when you look at michigan and minnesota, and pennsylvania, why are, why are we seeing this sort of last push into some of these democratic territoris? what is the strategy, ed? >> two reasons. the basic strategy is still the same. you're still going after florida, ohio, north carolina, virginia and some of the other states but these, races are all closing up. polls that we're still functioning two days ago. and i think there's an excess of
't understand. if you don't think mitt romney cares about people like you why would you vote for him? >> i guess there's some doubts as the polls also show about his leadership abilities and that's an area where romney is pulling a little stronger. these polls, they get these poor people on the phone, talking and answering a bunch of questions. i mean it really is -- it starts to get a little ridiculous when you have to parse all the categories. i think it is interesting that romney in the last cbs/times poll, polled better in terms of people who were more confident about handling the economy and the deficit which are the one and two areas of concern among likely voters. now, that's pretty interesting that the person who has the lead in those things is behind in the polls. and it shows i think the big problem for romney now is where will a new gust of momentum come from. he needs one. there's a jobs report on friday. that could conceivably be it. what if it's not. and now you have a kind of desperate lob grenade, try to find something that connects because the president -- >> peanut butter give.
job to be sure that they get out there and vote and a boat for mitt romney and paul ryan. [applause] if everybody finds five people in the washington court house or wherever it -- you live to make sure they support mitt romney, we can make a difference. you might want to consider that. it frees you up on election day to get those five people to the polls we will try to bring a lot of folks with us to be sure that we're banking those folks. we're free to do everything we can to ensure we have the victory on november 6. when barack obama ran for president he said we will cut the deficit in half. the deficit is now $1 trillion this year. he has added 50% to our debt to the point that it has gone to $16 trillion. it does not -- does that is working to you? and when he pushed to the health care bill through, he said, if you pass this legislation, we will reduce health-care costs. the reduction will be about $2,500. it actually has increased costs by about $2,500. does this sound like it is working? we are in the right place. and then the stimulus package, when he said i want a trillion d
. >> mitt romney and barack obama yearn for their vote, the elusive mysterious undecided voter. (laughter) >> stephen: yes, they yearn. (cheers and applause) yes. elusive, mysterious undecided voters. i wonder what he's thinking. (laughter) or if. (laughter) folks, folks, here's how it stands. the electoral kitchen is closing in two weeks and they still can't decide if they want the black-and-white cookie or the decaf wheat thin. (laughter) they're elusive! but we know that they're out there! these campaigns have spent billions of dollars trying to capture them with lawn signs, t.v. ads, radio spots, internet banners, robocalls and, for some lucky ohio voters, an amorous david axelrod with a rose in his teeth. (laughter) but a few and the liesing facts about these mysterious creatures have emerged. >> undecided voter they say typically a single white female between 18 and 29 years old, she has a job with a low income, she did not graduate from college. according to this poll she skipped watching the debate. >> stephen: fascinating. the person who will decide this race is a likely voter wh
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 172 (some duplicates have been removed)